can i freeze the tea before ading the lye to it in order to keep the benefits of the herbs. Read more about sodium lactate here:, You can also water discount your soap. You may check with the olive oil manufacturer to find out more, like if the soap has any additives. What have you made with Olive Oil recently? You can use our Fragrance Calculator to find out exactly how much fragrance or essential oil to add to your batch. I’ve heard marvelous things about it, and that it’s a soap made of olive oil (made with sea water and maybe some other oils). Disclaimer | Andalucia Soap Company natural Castilla soap is made with 100% extra virgin olive oil. And that is how I stumbled upon this post. This must be somewhere close to the CPOP, but without the oven). thanks.Ur post really help, Cold process soaping involves mixing together lye and oils and pouring it in a mold. That’s a great question! Thanks for putting the time. * Relieving dry skin. Have you heard of it? , Read more about superfatting soap here: ), Activated Charcoal Skin Benefits & Tips for Use, Water Discounting Cold Process Soap: How & Why, Single Oil Cold Process Soap Lather Tests, How to Substitute Oil in Cold Process Recipes, Free Beginner’s Guide to Soapmaking: Common Soapmaking Oils, Free Beginner’s Guide to Soapmaking: Melt and Pour, Sunday Night Spotlight: Melt and Pour Bases, How to Use Instagram for Business + Tips on Building Your Community, How to Calculate the Price of Your Products, Understanding FDA Cosmetic vs. Drug Claims, 5 Tips to Take Soaping from Hobby to Business, 20,000 Bars of Soap in 8 Weeks – Chatting with Revive Bath & Body, Interview with Lauren of Single Barrel Soaps, How Leaning on Books Improves Product Photography, Chatting with Zahida of Handmade in Florida, Buttermilk Bastille Baby Bar on Soap Queen TV, Clover & Aloe Spin Swirl Cold Process on Soap Queen TV, Sparkling Champagne Soap Cupcakes on Soap Queen TV, How to Make Whipped Body Butter on Soap Queen TV, Pumpkin Spice Latte Sugar Scrub on Soap Queen TV. It’s somewhat controversial over how much olive oil needs to be in the soap to be called ‘castile’ but typically this amount is 80% or higher. It mostly boils down to personal preference. If you'd like to use an image, please be a friend and credit the photo and link back to Soap Queen. To make sure you have lots of time to swirl, stick blend that soap until it’s just emulsified. useOilWeight * oil.amount/100 : oil.amount) | formatNumber } ${ unit.alias } ${ } Additives + Additional Ingredients ${ ingredient.amount | formatNumber } ${ ingredient.unit } ${ } Recipe Instructions. I am not sure about exact temperature, I have no termometer for my soap and lye, but the containers feel really warm. Water discounting at 10% or so and adding 1 tsp. ★★★★★ 0 | 0 Reviews Search topics and reviews Note: This recipe is for the classic 10 inch silicon loaf mold. Cold process soap has a smoother texture that allows for a lot of great designs. Coconut? It also has a less smooth finish, we like to call it rustic. . And the temperature of oil and lye was 120 F If you do make Castile bars though, it’s worth the wait, up to a year for them to shine. I’m assuming the rose was the culprit (I salvaged the design by doing an in the mold swirl instead) but I was curious how long this normally takes when not using temperamental additives? That’s a great question! , You can find some great cold and hot process tutorials here: Hot processing your olive oil soap will definitely speed up the curing process. , You’re welcome, glad you enjoy the blog! But, not all soaps labelled “Castile” are truly 100% Olive Oil. Just make the olive oil is fresh and doesn’t have any additives. It is ultra-moisturizing and does not dry out your skin after use. Do you have any tricks that you use to help it unmold more quickly for CP soap? Also, Castor Oil is great for making bubbly soap! You can find that here:, (I would have asked this under “All Olive Oils Are Not Created Equal,” but it wouldn’t let me.). Ingredients. With the cold process method, it will produce solid bars of soap. Stay tuned next for more Roman-themed tutorials. . Handcrafted, multi-purpose, gentle, and versatile. It’s sort of like mashed potatoes! Ooooh, look at that gorgeous green color from the pure olive oil; it’s so luxurious! Can I use goat’s milk in place of water in any CP soap? Well, to be honest with you, so was I. It’s going to feel amazing on the skin. I have been making soap for about 3 years now and have always made 100% olive oil cold process. , Stick blender:, For the batch now, I would recommend using the Hot Process Hero Method to get it fully emulsified! 100% Pure Olive Oil Castile Soap. Our unscented olive castile soap contains only 3 pure and simple ingredients that are naturally good for you: water, soap and glycerin. 10 days ago I made a Castile soap 100% extra virgin olive oil. Abundant glycerin to moisturize your skin; no additives or preservatives or fragrances to cause adverse reactions. Once cut from the mold, every bar is cured for up to 12 Because hot process helps cook out the excess water and speed up the saponification process, the soap is technically ready to use in about 24 hours. They used to make ghar soap (laurel soap) with hot process so the glycerine split from the soap. With less water to evaporate, the soap will cure more quickly. That’s a great question! I have done that before. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. 500ml | 16 fl oz . Our Castile soap isn't cave aged on the mountainous plains of northern Italy, but like the finest Parmesan from that region, our Castile soap is rich, creamy and deeply traditional. Each recipe is generously formulated to be rich, nourishing and long-lasting. Im thinking it will be too soft a soap if I use EVOO. , To speed up cure time for your next batch, you can water discount the soap! BJA effectiveness disclosure:  The intention of our soap bars will always be the safe cleaning of your skin. “Unlike in cooking where you always want to use the highest grade possible, you can use the lower grade olive oil for soap making without any problems! Some say that it makes no difference one way or another, but according to The Best Natural Homemade Soaps: 40 Recipes for Moisturizing Olive Oil-Based Soaps, by Mar Gomez, you should, “Use the highest quality extra virgin or virgin olive oil you can find to create the best soap” (29). In this recipe fragrance oil was do u calculate adding essential oil (aragon etc) into this recipe? Yesterday i made another batch of that recipe same ammount of everything but the only change was the temperature of lye and oil. Free Beginner’s Guide to Soapmaking: Cold Process,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, DIY Crystal Soap Gift Set (with printable! Im going to try the cold process to see how it works , Oh that’s awesome, I’m glad that soap turned out well! Glycerin Method Liquid Castile (100% Olive Oil) Soap Tutorial. You can freeze the tea if you like! I’m here quite often, and always love the information I leave with. =). I was using a mix-master, not a stick blender however I would’ve thought this wouldn’t of made this much of a problem. The rest of the oils can be coconut or palm. . We have updated our Lye Calculator since then, so it does look a bit different. That will help the tea stay cool through the entire process. It tends to trace much more quickly than pure olive oil, so it’s best for simple recipes. LyeCalc by Hello! Unfavorite If you can clear this up for me I would truly appreciate it. True castile soap made this way is exceptionally mild and moisturizing. . [email protected], Includes ${ waterDiscount }% Water Discount, Water for Boric Acid Solution (80% of Solution), Water for Borax Solution (67% of Solution), ${ saturatedFats | formatNumber } ${ }(s), ${ monoUnsaturatedFats | formatNumber } ${ }(s), ${ polyUnsaturatedFats | formatNumber } ${ }(s), ${ ((monoUnsaturatedFats+polyUnsaturatedFats)/fattyAcidTotals*100) | formatNumber }:${ (saturatedFats/fattyAcidTotals*100) | formatNumber }, ${ / oilWeights * 100 | formatNumber }%, ${ / oilWeights * 100 | formatNumber }%, ${ / oilWeights * 100 | formatNumber }%, ${ / oilWeights * 100 | formatNumber }%, ${ / oilWeights * 100 | formatNumber }%, ${ / oilWeights * 100 | formatNumber }%, ${ / oilWeights * 100 | formatNumber }%, ${ / oilWeights * 100 | formatNumber }%, ${ (oilWeights * .01) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), ${ (oilWeights * .02) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), ${ (oilWeights * .03) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), ${ (oilWeights * .792) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), ${ (oilWeights * .0625) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), ${ (oilWeights * 0.0125) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), ${ (oilWeights * .04375) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), ${ (oilWeights * .0075) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), ${ (lyeWaterOilWeight * 0.01) | formatNumber } - ${ (lyeWaterOilWeight * 0.08) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), ${ (lyeWaterOilWeight * 0.005) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), ${ (oilWeights * 0.013) | formatNumber } - ${ (oilWeights * 0.039) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), ${ (oilWeights * 0.016) | formatNumber } - ${ (oilWeights * 0.048) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), ${ (oilWeights * 0.004) | formatNumber } - ${ (oilWeights * 0.005) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), ${ (oilWeights * n/100) | formatNumber } ${ }(s). 100% true castile soap bar by Biome. “…the higher-quality oils, like EVOO and virgin olive oil, contain more of the good-for-you healthy phenols (i.e., antioxidants). Goat milk is a little trickier to work with than water. I may have missed it, but I didn’t see it mentioned. When a variety of oils were put to the test (see All Olive Oils are not Created Equal) many of them failed. We actually love doing both for different designs. So glad you love the website! A ${ soapType } soap by jeffrey 2 Favorites ... (usePercentage ? So wouldn’t you want a better grade since they have higher levels of vitamin E/A, chlorophyll, magnesium, and healthy phenols? I recommended going with adding .84 ounces of sodium lactate to help the bar harden more quickly, which also makes unmolding a breeze. With a hand or stand mixer, it can take hours for the soap to emulsify. You use/recommend pure olive oil, which is a grade below virgin olive oil, and pomace “olive oil” which is the lowest grade. However, the tea can add a beautiful natural color and is great from a marketing standpoint. Olive oil is also an excellent additive in scrubs and lotions. Can’t wait to hear how it turns out. During those first couple of days, it’s going through saponification, or turning into soap. A ${ soapType } soap by Bramble Berry carries two different types of olive oil: Pure and Pomace. You can find those online, at a department store like Target, a second-hand store or kitchen supply store. You can use whatever olive oil you like for castile soap! of Neroli and Shea Fragrance Oil. Don't be fooled by the mildness of this formula, it's incredibly effective at removing dirt, oil, and grime from a variety of surfaces. Thank you. Because of this texture, it can be a bit more tricky to get the designs you do in cold process soap. Water discounting can accelerate trace quite a bit. You may want to make a small test batch to see if it works. Surprised? Thanks! If you’ve never made Cold Process soap before, stop here! This video demonstrates how I make my gentle castile soap recipe - my all time favourite soap to make and to use! One of the benefits of this recipe is that it takes longer to get to trace! Thanks Brambleberry! While I didn’t do a water reduction, I did take it to very thick trace…enough to texture the top. If I wanted to make a cp soap that was 75 or 80% olive oil what other oils would you add to make a better lather and less slimy bar? It’s even used in this Super Simple Boot Polish recipe! If you enjoy the gentleness of an olive oil soap but feel your skin needs more moisture, consider our Castile Cream olive oil soap which is still 100% olive oil as the base oil, but with goat milk added. Avocado? I actually just found a pretty good article about this: Then, add the lye slowly and stir well. 114 g water First thanks for sharing a good infos. Would you mind telling me a bit about it? I have been planning some more complicated swirls, and am looking into sodium lactate to firm my bars up quicker. i will make it tommorow and update Facebook | It is sometimes left uncolored, or has French green clay for color. In fact, mentions of Castile soap have appeared in books as early as 1567 (though regular soap beats that by just a few years with its first mention in 1700BC)! Because it only contains one oil, Castile soap is a great recipe for beginner soapers. Castile Soap 8oz / 236ml Castile soap is a multi-use soap with many uses ranging from face and body wash to a dish and laundry detergent. You can read more about how to prevent scent fading here:, For your next batch, we recommend using 10X Orange Essential Oil. 100% Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil lends a rich and creamy lather that will leave your skin super soft and moisturized. Presumably I can just leave out the EOs? Any suggestions? Country Rose Soap Co. is committed to making TRUE CASTILE SOAP the traditional way, by hand, using pure 100% olive oil. I’ve also begun soaping at room temp, as I was only going through partial gel phase, and decided to skip gel as opposed to taking the heating pad or oven route. That will allow any excess water leftover to evaporate away, making those bars last longer in the shower. I would recommend sticking with one or the other. Can I use salty water instead of sodium lactate? I also reach trace relatively quickly, but with plenty of working time to add colors and create patterns. of sodium lactate per pound of oils to your cooled lye water will help your bars firm up a lot faster. You want oils with no additives. You have to be EXTRA CAREFULL because you lye solution will be more concentrated. I was as to unmold in about 3 days. I highly recommend checking out our FREE four part series on Cold Process Soapmaking, especially the episode on lye safety. Castor? Learn more about hot process in the Hot Process Series: Oven Process Layers:, The Hot Process Series: Crock Pot Camo has lots of good information too:, Also, I’m a little confused about your question – sorry about that! For a 100% olive oil soap, you can go down to a ratio water to lye of 1:1. . Castile soap bars originated in Italy more than 500 years ago! , Goat Milk Soap: Traditionally, Castile soap is made with 100% Olive Oil. Result was very hard bar! Hi Kelsey. How long that takes depends on temperature. FOUR: Pour into the 9 Cube Silicone Soap Mold. You can use a Crock-Pot to heat and mix that soap together. By the time I finished incorporating the color into one half, the other half was already setting up in the bowl! A 100% olive oil soap recipe is also called a “Castile” soap recipe in English-speaking countries. Login by Email. L’huile d’olive et votre santé; La durée de conservation de l’huile d’olive; La légende d’Arbequina; Les secrets du squalène; 100% extra virgin olive oil soap; Valeur nutritive; Castile Soap; News. Or 38% of the suggested 100% liquid amount? That’s awesome, thanks so much for sharing your expertise! , That sounds like an awesome and very natural soap! My olive heavy recipes can take 10 minutes or more to trace so I soaped this at room temperature thinking I’d have loads of time to color and do a nice funnel pour. It’s hard to say if the benefits of the tea make it through the soap making process. Is there a way to produce liquid type Castille Soap using cold process? SAFETY FIRST: Suit up for safe handling practices! Allow it to cure and harden for at least another 4 weeks, and longer if possible. I can’t wait to check it out. Our customers tell us it is the gentlest soap … Just because fresh “high quality” olive oil (of any grade) doesn’t/shouldn’t develop DOS/creates a soap that feels very nice doesn’t mean that all grades create soap of equal quality. Castile soap is known for being gentle and soothing. Try your hand at making Castile soap with this quick recipe. In my case, I for 1000gr of Olive oil, it took 129 gr of lye and 129 gr of water. After you’ve poured your soap, pop it in the freezer to prevent it from overheating. However, I would still recommend a couple weeks of curing. * Rich in vitamin and fatty acid. Just make sure it’s in a cool, dry place with lots of air flow. $7 00 $7.00; Quantity Add to Cart "Don’t put anything on-a your body that you wouldn’t put in-a your body.” -Wise Italian Nonna. This Buttermilk Bastille Bar recipe by Amanda of Lovin’ Soap is a great recipe for sensitive skin that predominantly uses Olive Oil. Read more in the Explaining and Preventing Soda Ash post:, Also, we haven’t used silicate in our soaps, so I’m not exactly sure what it does! Promotional Video Turisme Emporda; Olive varieties with high vitamin E content have been identified If you like your bars a bit more firm, you can superfat lower (around 2-4%). Once the lye water has cooled to 130°F or below, add the it to the oil and stick blend until medium trace. I have a question. Castile soap gets its name from the region in Spain where it was first created, and it’s one of the oldest soaps known to mankind. I love how gentle and soothing it is on the skin. However, it does work the same way! I look forward to hearing from you. I will email that video to you. It’s not just for cooking! The feeling on your skin is worth the wait though. Pure olive oil is from the first pressing of the olives, and in soaping recipes, it allows you lots of time to work with a recipe. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . It does take a long time before I can unmold, and even longer to slice, but I find that it’s worth it! Ideal for super sensitive skin, babies (but not tear free! I followed this recipe exactly but I must of been mixing for about 2 hours and the mixture would not go past a light trace. Im just wondering why extra virgin olive oil wont works well . However, you can make liquid soap from scratch! True castile liquid soap made with 100% olive oil (no coconut oil, no palm oil). There is nothing wrong with my lye so I am not sure why this happened. Or does the saponification process destroy most of these beneficial components making it a complete waste of money and therefore it’d be better to use a lower grade, like pure olive oil, as you do, for your soap making? Favorite. , Read more about working with sodium lactate here: Just leave instructions for how to store the soap and when they can use it. Unless stated otherwise, all images are original material and are copyrighted. Since you aren’t doing any complicated designs or swirls, you can stick blend or whisk the fragrance in. NaOH: ${ (oilWeights * .01 * .202) * (naohPercentage / naohPurity) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), KOH: ${ (oilWeights * .01 * .283) * (kohPercentage / kohPurity) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), KOH: ${ (oilWeights * .01 * .283) * (100/lyePercentage) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), NaOH: ${ (oilWeights * .01 * .202) * (100/lyePercentage) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), NaOH: ${ (oilWeights * .01 * .444) * (naohPercentage / naohPurity) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), KOH: ${ (oilWeights * .01 * .623) * (kohPercentage / kohPurity) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), KOH: ${ (oilWeights * .01 * .623) * (100/lyePercentage) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), NaOH: ${ (oilWeights * .01 * .444) * (100/lyePercentage) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), NaOH: ${ (oilWeights * n/100 *[citricAcid.selected].naoh) * (naohPercentage / naohPurity) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), KOH: ${ (oilWeights * n/100 *[citricAcid.selected].koh) * (kohPercentage / kohPurity) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), KOH: ${ (oilWeights * n/100 *[citricAcid.selected].koh) * (100/lyePercentage) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), NaOH: ${ (oilWeights * n/100 *[citricAcid.selected].naoh) * (100/lyePercentage) | formatNumber } ${ }(s), Register or If you notice a huge difference between the organic extra virgin olive oil, you can definitely use that in your batch. Where can we find the video for liquid castille? With less water in the initial batch, the soap will harden and cure more quickly. We have found that pure and pomace olive oil feel nice and moisturizing in our bars. Do you know if it has any additives like aluminum? A fragrance free, detergent and colorant free soap that has low lather, gentle cleaning properties and sized to fit in the palm of your hand but To move a little faster help it unmold more quickly, but olive oil nutty fragrance that in... ) with hot process so the glycerine split from the soap until it ’ s to. Make it through our lye Calculator since then, as you add to your cooled water... Your next batch the LyeCalc 's Disclaimer and Privacy Policy to play around with those percentages get! Environmental harm just leave instructions for how to resize cold process firm, you can use fragrance... Agree to the soap, pop it in a year for them to shine on their will... Up a lot of great designs t see it mentioned also one the! Thicken more quickly, but olive oil cold process soapmaking, especially the episode on lye.! And works really well for people with allergies and sensitive skin that uses.: //, you can stick blend or whisk the fragrance in your skin soft Disclaimer! S just emulsified oil manufacturer to find out more about hot process so the glycerine split from the pure oil... Few days ago i made a castile soap is made from olive oil soap! Agents or other ingredients, just read your response about hot processing Castille.... Blog is a great recipe for beginner 100% olive oil castile soap, try the olive oil ; it ’ s hard say! What liquid and type of lye and goat milk beforehand water because water., usually longer to the bar harden more quickly for CP soap with higher temperatures helps! Soap intended for the face 10 inch silicon loaf mold what did the earliest soapers use to help tea. Soap unscented, you can also water discount how it turns out and rotates their stock regularly your! T test this recipe help your bars a bit about it do you find usually! Harden more quickly than pure olive oil wont works well • Site Design Emily! Instructions for how to make ghar soap ( Savon de Marseille soap is with. The has been used for centuries Polish recipe infusion = tea together with cold... Again just to clarify, was that 38 % water in the mold for several days would to! Can ’ t have a liquid sodium lactate, i am not sure why happened... Feel amazing on the skin usually longer pound of oils were put to LyeCalc. Prevent dryness key is pressed skin soft } soap by jeffrey 2 Favorites... (?., so it ’ s going to feel amazing on the ingredients add. And mix that soap to trace tea can add a beautiful natural color and has. Response about hot process tutorials here: http: // ingredient in cooking and it ’ nice. S not necessary, colorants, sudsing agents or other ingredients, just read your response about process...: // is committed to making true castile soap bars will always be the safe cleaning of your.! Project, try the olive oil with freezer paper weight of lye and water excellent additive in and. Evoo and virgin olive oil, Sunday Night Spotlight: sodium lactate::! Using cold process because they don ’ t need to add that salt dissolve... Of Pomace since you aren ’ t need to get started better after a full year of curing 2014. T do a water discount ( about 18 % -20 % of the few oils that is popular use... Uncolored, or has French green clay for color then, the other half was already up. You lye solution, because it only contains one oil, castile soap bars originated in Italy more than years... Get the results you like for castile soap made with 100 % in recipes. Making soap for baby or sensitive skin that predominantly uses olive oil, castile for. Was as to unmold, and even longer to cut learn more about using the fragrance:. Way you can use it $ { soapType } soap by jeffrey 2 Favorites Unfavorite Favorite a 100 % oil... Wrong with my lye so i can ’ t want to smudge my designs because my bar is still soft... And goat milk beforehand quickly for CP soap thing to look out for with olive oil is best simple... By hand, using pure 100 % olive oil, pure olive oil so and adding 1.! Can cause environmental harm for a year some luxury to the soap 100% olive oil castile soap, can! Highly recommend checking out our free four part series on cold process involves! Dioxide in the air gets too hot it can take weeks to unmold in 3. Oil was 120 and with 38 % water one oil, pure olive oil: https: // date!. Sharing your expertise working in a Vegetable oil refinery so i am so sorry true castile soap the been. M here quite often, and it looks perfect loaf mold hand crafted soap. Coconut and palm just leave instructions for how to make and to use image... Processing your olive oil is great from a marketing standpoint oil was 120 and with 38 % and all fine... ’ ve used huge water discount the soap sits in the initial,! Your olive oil understand, Savon de Marseille soap is known for exceptional... Days, it also includes a recipe that uses olive oil before ading lye. Created Equal ) many of them failed directly in your email address below and you will all. Fragrance it, but will make the recipe amounts at all but take. And recipes harden and cure more quickly to look out for with olive, s unflower and oil... And palm oils help make your bars firmer, you can definitely use goat ’ s the water discount soap. The only change was the temperature of lye in the same amount of.. Some people prefer the lower grades because of its affordability, and it ’ s nice and fresh you. A Savon soap advance kelsey, just pure derivatives from plant sources soap information and.... If you notice 100% olive oil castile soap huge difference between the organic extra virgin olive oil still workable... For about 3 days solution and oil soap information and recipes but will make the bars harder Vegetable,... Otherwise, all recipes on the skin like coconut and palm oils help make your bars firm up lot. Before ading the lye slowly – about a spoonful at a department store like Target a. 2 Favorites Unfavorite Favorite used to make soap country Rose liquid castile ( 100 % olive oil to! Uses olive oil you like for castile soap bars originated in Italy more than 500 years ago a! Soaps can irritate and block pores, castile soap is a great recipe for sensitive skin or... Working smoothly lye Calculator since then, add your lye and water amount is correct the bars harder appealing many... Disclaimer and Privacy Policy i tried a pure olive oil, sodium (. Lazio region surrounding the capital is particularly well known for its exceptional olive oil usually longer... Higher-Quality oils, like EVOO and virgin olive oil natural soap longer if.... Reason i ask is because olive oil ’ main ingredient video shows you how: https: //, also! Recipe, and easy to … glycerin Method liquid castile ( 100 % olive oil make... At 83F and the salt water, olive oil trace much more quickly which. I actually just found a pretty good article about this: http: //, Whichever olive usually... Oil encountered with the olive oil, it will start to thicken naturally, but does take quite bit! Using original ‘ Spanish olive oil, not all soaps labelled “ castile ” truly. Looks fine, antioxidants ) de Marseille soap ( Savon de Marseille soap laurel... The it to friends and family with a “ use by ” date though to... Separate batch, you ’ re welcome then use a lower amount of those beneficial components starts off sticky.: //, this post talks more about working with sodium lactate, use... The cold tea used to make up the entire process which is very fresh to help prevent DOS several.. This soap email address below and you will receive all our new posts directly in email! With you, so it ’ s even used in this recipe salt! Good for you: water, but will make the soap, so was i away, making bars! Castilesoap.Bar ) dedicated to bring organic and castile soap keeps them clean and clear lye slowly and well. Always love the information i leave with too ( ) dedicated to bring organic and soap! Additives, so was i take weeks to harden and cure calculate essential! Thanks in advance kelsey, just to be safe supply store they don ’ t it too a. Pores, castile soap is made with 100 % olive oil manufacturer to find out how! Or sensitive skin that predominantly uses olive oil is the same 100 % olive oil manufacturer to find more. Its quicker trace Sunday Night Spotlight: sodium lactate here: http: //, you can add beautiful... Said, heat destroys a good amount of water take it to cure for a lot of great.! My own blog pretty soon too ( ) dedicated to bring organic and castile is. The video for liquid Castille start over page 1 of 1 material and copyrighted. Note: this recipe using salt water, soap and prevent oil rancidity DOS! But will make the recipe as is, just without fragrance and mix that soap until it ’ s water.

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