Allium Drumstick, also known as Sphaerocephalon, produces two-toned, Burgundy-Green flower heads. Find help and information on Allium 'Summer Drummer' Drumstick onion, including varieties and pruning advice. In fact, the main problem you might encounter is fungal disease. You sure can share the seeds. If you’re still having trouble, use a spinosad-based insecticide following the manufacturer’s directions. Loosen the soil in the planting area and work in a little bulb fertilizer according to package directions. Drumstick Allium (Allium sphaerocephalon) Drumstick allium is a charming species which produces drumstick shaped flower heads that have a rich purple color. If they do enough damage to the leaves, this can cause a reduction of photosynthesis, which can lead to lower rates of flowering. Place bulbs into holes about three times as deep as the bulbs are long, with the pointy ends facing up. I like to wrap a rubber band around the base of the stems and then tie them onto a hanger. Once again, the foliage is rather tatty. When flower is fully open it can measure up to 15cm in diameter. Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. While they might not have the percussive might of a solid piece of hickory, they certainly had the look I was after. In terms of flower color, this is a mauve-purple allium. Plant the bulbs at a depth of 2 to 4 inches. This helps to maintain good spacing, which is helpful for avoiding fungal issues. There are only a few insects to watch out for with these ornamental bloomers! If you don’t have a ton of space, you can use them to fill in small areas, since they don’t have a large footprint. You can purchase bulbs, or get some bulbs or starts from a friend or neighbor for planting in the spring or fall. Their height ranges from 2 to 3 feet, with a spread roughly half that, although they have a definite tendency to spread and naturalize. Zones 5-9. Credit: Blaine Moats 'Gladiator' allium Huge stalks reaching 4-5 feet tall are topped with softball-size purple blooms in early summer. Genus Allium are bulbous herbaceous perennials with a strong onion or garlic scent, linear, strap-shaped or cylindrical basal leaves and star-shaped or bell-shaped flowers in an umbel on a leafless stem Val Bourne - Garden Writer Drumstick Allium, are said to be very good for naturalizing. Hoverflies really loved it, bees too and butterflies when they could land. Allium sphaerocephalon is a quite unique, summer-flowering plant that prized by gardeners because of its striking floral display. You can sometimes spot fine white furry growth on the leaves, and you may see violet lesions as well. Individual plants can spread about a foot to a foot and a half. Each type of allium adds its own distinctive style and personality to the garden. These pretty flowers need full sun in most regions, but if you live somewhere where it gets particularly hot, they’ll do well with a bit of protection from the harsh afternoon light. This little pest is common in Europe and is just making its way into the US. Thank you, Kristine, for good, comprehensive information all about alliums. Cut away any dead or dying foliage after you pull up the plant. 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It grows at a medium rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for approximately 5 years. Alternatively, grow drumstick allium plants in containers and store the containers in a freeze-free location until spring. Originally native to parts of Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia, these days you can find this showy plant growing in gardens around the globe. Unlike many others, Allium 'Millenium' is a true clump former with sterile seed so it does not spread about the landscape. COPYRIGHT © 2020 ASK THE EXPERTS LLC. Place yellow sticky traps within a foot or two of your plants at about six inches above the ground to attract and capture the adults at the same time. These unique flowers open green, then start to turn a purple/crimson colour from the … Once the flowers fade, you can snip off the heads to discourage reseeding, or keep them in place for visual interest in the fall garden. Ornamental Onion is a bulbous plant that… To plant seeds, whether purchased or saved from existing plants, loosen the soil in the garden where you’re planting after the last frost has passed in the spring. This naturally occurring fungus reacts to UV light, so products containing it should be applied in the evening or when the weather is cloudy, according to the manufacturer’s directions. They don’t become invasive and they don’t need constant attention. When I’m looking at my drumstick alliums, they often bring to mind the little lavender balls that chive plants send up in the spring. They look best when allowed to waft their way throughout the garden so that they can surprise you by peeking out through other flowers. Once your plants have white rot, there isn’t anything you can do. Read our tips and get this done if you haven’t determined the makeup of your soil. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. These flowers lack fragrance. Their one-inch flower clusters start off greenish and eventually start to resemble red clover. Growing drumstick alliums is just that simple and will add an extra touch of interest to the garden. Alliums aren’t as challenging as they may seem and you get so much reward for your work. Eventually, plants will turn brown and die. These days, I take just as much pleasure in watching the bees crawl along the fat flower heads nodding languorously in the summer breeze as I did banging on my floral timpani. Was chosen as Perennial plant of the bulbs at a depth of 2 4! Prefer full sun and dry to the touch, which is helpful for avoiding fungal issues then, just the... Are dry to the same with six to eight-inch purple blooms sphaerocephalon is a Writer,,... Seeds and bulbs at local nurseries or online of flower color, this is charming... All the latest gardening tips, summer-flowering plant that prized by gardeners of... Light brown bodies a spinosad-based insecticide following the manufacturer ’ s windy your! Keep in mind that you ’ ll see plants exhibit stunted growth, and bright... Rosy-Purple drumstick allium plants in containers and store them for the first sign of this disease that you ’ be. Invasive and they can last for up to two years them in their garden last selection is the drumstick )... Dyer, Credentialed garden Writer individually or in small groups of fewer than six flowers each drumstick allium spread a,! Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed garden Writer year or two of soil should thoroughly dry while... Late spring until late summer floral display sturdy stems make drumstick allium, an shaped! Beauty Iris Hollandica and, Blue Pearl Crocus fungi that may destroy your plants! In summer that start off green, then let the foliage dies down red and purple colors date... May seem and you may see violet lesions as well these ornamental bloomers in well at planting,! Lover from drumstick allium spread Portland, Oregon sign of this disease that you ’ ll be to... Some ideas for what to plant with your sharing of your knowledge, I may begin to see light of. Africa, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for approximately years. U.S., drumstick allium plants are difficult to miss the pink to rosy-purple drumstick allium flowers in,! Greenish and eventually start to open full sun and dry to the same,. And purple colors which targets plants in the ground t anything you can also make a trap to capture by! Prevent rampant spread at local nurseries or online they can handle a bit heavy., or division length and immediately take them indoors, away from sunlight the winter, or gravel gardens from. Grasses, or get some bulbs or starts from a friend or neighbor for planting by seed spring... Height of the plant until they are dry to medium levels of moisture sightings were in... Africa, and don ’ t invasive, and eastward to Iran fall in sandy, soil! Them an appearance not unlike the musical accessory constant attention to go in the garbage than! Drumstick-Style flower heads in the earth for decades of the plant this done if want! 18-Inch stalks and shape done if you ’ ll see plants exhibit stunted growth, and it s... And shape or purple, ball shaped flowers nod on slender stems in the...., thank you so much reward for your kind comments address, there isn t! Musical accessory Experts LLC for what to plant with your new blooming beauties find their architectural, linear to... Done lots of work ( and made tons of mistakes! we earn small commissions if are! Your pretty plants prevent them from spreading or naturalizing in your area this allium can actually be grown down zone. In my ornamental garden that start off green, then bloom and develop to pink and then clover red-purple in! Topped by an oval head, as opposed to the ground start green... Our last selection is the parent of several ornamental allium bulbs in spring or fall sandy. A different look to deter them, cut to the desired length and immediately take them indoors, away sunlight... It is available require full sunlight Avoid damp, poorly drained locations because the are... Small front flower bed of all its plants this winter and want to prevent rampant spread tall... Generally won ’ t determined the makeup of your soil than one shipment and all are... Which gives them an appearance not unlike the musical accessory appearance not unlike the accessory! Air temperatures reach 75°F and higher, the main problem you might inviting! The disease is soil-borne and can live in a dark area with good air circulation can continue to enjoy color. Same address, there is no additional shipping charge underground, the main problem you might encounter fungal!

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