The Wieliczka Salt Mine is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Krakow is one of my favourite places and you’ve made me want to go back and visit at christmas! The conditions in the camp were atrocious! Krakow looks positively amazing! Also located in Rynek Glowny is the Kraków Cloth Hall (Sukienniece). Copyright Brown Eyed Flower Child - Website Design by Dreamworthy Designs, © Brown Eyed Flower Child - Website Design by Dreamworthy Designs. The castle you see today, is the same Renaissance palace. I enjoyed a creamy caramel treat and it melted in my mouth! Legend has it that Krakow had a dragon too! Visiting Auschwitz was very eye opening and disturbing, but educational. (I hope so! In addition, if the Nazis felt that someone couldn’t work, they were quickly sent to the crematoriums (or otherwise known as the gas chambers). Also love those chimney cakes too! In 1939, they were displaced from the city and then in 1941, they were removed from their homes and relocated to a ghetto where many starved and were killed. Winter truly comes to town in December in Krakow, with an average daily temperature of -1°C (about 31°F). Things to Do in Krakow, Lesser Poland Province: See Tripadvisor's 696,956 traveller reviews and photos of Krakow tourist attractions. After the war, only 10 percent of Cracovian Jews survived with the help of Oskar Schindler, but most of them did not return to Poland. The best pierogis ever! Krakow used to have a thriving Jewish population. The first place I headed to at the markets was the pierogi stand. What's The Weather Like In Krakow In December. I have found out recently that my ancestors come from Poland so I would really like to visit it. They were amazing! . Another excellent and very educational blog ~ enjoyed seeing the beautiful Christmas markets, cathedrals, and awesome food. Thanks! Is there anything going on and is it busy? One of the top things to do during a trip to Krakow in December is visit Wawel Hill where Wawel Castle and Cathedral are situated. Thanks for sharing! There is also an area that is closed off for photos all together, but your guide will let you know when you can and cannot take pictures. How sunny is it in Krakow in December? Kerry Kubilius is a freelance writer who specializes in Eastern European history, culture, current events, language, and travel. Or else you’re a great photographer! In Poland, a ‘Christmas crib’ or … It was the largest extermination center of European Jews. An important thing to note is that you unfortunately cannot take photos in Wawel Cathedral, unless you walk up to the tower bell and want to capture the views of the city. Besides pierogis, sausages, potatoes and chimney cakes, another delicious Polish delicacy to try at the Christmas markets are smalec, which is a traditional spread made of lard and spices. In fact, for over a thousand years Poland was home to the most significant Jewish community in the world, as well as the largest, thanks to early religious tolerance among other things, soon becoming known as paradisus judaeorum – ‘Paradise of the Jews’ in Latin. From 06/12/2020 to 12/12/2020 31% Bad 0% 70% 28% n/a 62% 56%; From 13/12/2020 to 19/12/2020 29% Bad 0% 62% 28% n/a 62% 56%; From 20/12/2020 to 26/12/2020 28% Bad 0% 60% 26% n/a 60% 54%; From 27/12/2020 to 02/01/2021 30% Bad 0% 64% 30% n/a 62% 56%; From 03/01/2021 to 09/01/2021 29% Bad 0% 62% 28% n/a 60% 56%; … Other Polish treats to try are gingerbread cookies, cream fudge, Polish cookies, Christmas-themed candies, Polish jelly donuts, chocolate-covered fruit and just chocolate alone. The traditional chimney cake is covered in cinnamon, but you could get it with different sugary toppings such as sprinkles, nuts, cocoa or fruity powder and other crunchy toppings. Myself and my husband were thinking of going to Krakow to celebrate out first wedding anniversary. December 3, 2020 • event. During my stay at Amber Boutique Hotels, I stayed in the Single Room (which is fit for a solo traveler like myself or a couple). (If you are someone who is interested in World War II history, I also recommend visiting the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam as well as the Hiroshima Peace Memorial in Japan. Thank you Elina! Plus, you don’t have to wait on long lines and you get assigned a specific tour guide. Great post and your photos are so beautiful! Poland’s rulers started their residency in an early Romanesque stone building during the 11th Century, called the palatium, whose remains are located in the northern wing of the present-day castle. Though the sidewalks might be mush much of the time, it’s still cold enough for the city’s ice rinks to open from mid-December and stay glasslike until at least the end of February. This looks like a winter wonderland! Concerts. I hope to go back one day! Thank you Bettina! Krakow truly is a magical place during Christmas! In addition, you could also stay in a hostel, Airbnb or Vrbo. Click here to discover more! Yes, it really is magical during the Christmas season. Krakow Weather in December. Oskar Schindler was a German industrialist and a member of the Nazi Party who saved the lives of 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust by employing them in his enamelware and ammunitions factories in Poland, Bohemia and Moravia. You would love Krakow! During my two nights in Krakow during the month of December, I stayed at Amber Boutique Hotels, which is located in the Old Town historic district and only a 5-minute walk away from Rynek Glowny where the city’s Christmas market takes place. Also Krakow’s Christmas markets were so lovely! Click here to join my private blog sharing Facebook group. I visited Warsaw last winter and this post just reminded me of that trip. I would love to see more of Europe at Christmastime. . Krakow (also spelled Cracow) is a beautiful city located in the south of Poland and it is one of the most magical places to visit in December. Located in Rynek Glowny is the stunning brick Gothic church of St. Mary’s Basilica. Also, I hope you get to go in the near future. You could also find amazing bars, restaurants, cafés, food trucks and stands, plus more. You'll want to pack plenty of sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, pullovers, pants, and maybe even some long underwear for an extra layer of warmth against the cold. All of your information on Auschwitz really struck a chord with me and I would be interested in visiting for myself. These small pieces of cheese could be purchased at the Christmas market with cranberry jelly. Bargain city breaks to Krakow are snapped up in December for the fabulous Christmas markets, and in November for the enchanting All Souls Holiday festivities and Zaduszki jazz festival. As you walk through the barracks of Auschwitz and see how the prisoners lived; when you hear about how many of them died and in the worst ways possible; when you walk through the museum and see the old suitcases and mounds of hair that was shaved off women’s heads and when you take that walk in Birkenau where people were lead to the crematoriums, you think a lot to yourself… How anyone could treat other humans so evil and cruelly the way the Nazis did during the Holocaust is very hard to wrap your head around. Some great places to check out in this area of the city is The Old Synagogue, Jewish Galicia Museum, Museum of Municipal Engineering and Ghetto Heroes Square. ), I hope you all enjoyed reading about my time in Krakow during December 2019. The Christmas lights were still up everywhere in the old town, and I keep dreaming of Pierogis to this day! I would love to have a pierogi there! One thing to note about visiting the former German Nazi concentration and extermination camp is that it attracts millions of visitors worldwide, so it is best to get your tickets in advance. There are also taxis as well, but I obviously prefer to use Uber when I am getting from one place to the next. !Can’t wait to get back our there to see European Christmas markets, Thank you Helena! Prisoners were only allowed to use the bathrooms twice a day. Krakow was absolutely beautiful and I hope to go back to Poland in the future to see more cities. Unfortunately, I’m not doing a Christmas trip this year, but I am excited to enjoy all the Christmas fun in the NYC area. Overall, my half day trip to Auschwitz was a very surreal, sad and an educational experience. Because it was early December, the sun had already gone down, so I was able to see everything lit up. Weather forecast Krakow in december. Krakow’s Christmas markets are nothing short of magical between late November through early January. Yes, it really is a wonderful place to visit around Christmastime. Love your post though! Krakow is definitely magical during Christmastime. Looking for a nice 4* or 5* hotel to stay in. During my time in Krakow, I went to Lajkonik in the Jewish Quarter (there are a few locations throughout the city). February 16, 2021 • event. . I recommend this amazing restaurant if you’re looking for an authentic Polish dinner and I also love how affordable it was too. Most died or were left with deadly infections and diseases. Thank you Ellis and yes, it is so magical! . Throughout the years, the royal residence on Wawel Hill expanded with the cathedral to comprise the Upper Castle, while the Lower Castle held the houses of the courtiers and clergy. Your guide is useful for those who want to visit this place at Christmas. Krakow is awesome and I guess that Christmas time adds a special feeling to this beautiful city. Click here to book your tour to Auschwitz-Birkenau today. Like you, if I ever visit Krakow, I know I would have to visit the concentration camp. It think it is important that people visit Auschwitz when they go to Krakow. Meads (honey wine) is also popular in this region of the world as well! In 1918, Krakow was finally returned to Poland and then was quickly taken over by the Germans at the beginning of World War II. You could see The Royal Sigismund Bell, Sigismund Bell-Ringers, Sigismund Tower, Silver Bells Tower and The Clock Tower. It featured a double bed, ensuite bathroom, high-speed WiFi, coffee/tea set, flat screen television, mini-fridge, a phone, safe, heating and air conditioning, desk, hair dryer and more. Rynek Glowny dates back to the 13th Century and offers a stunning location for the Christmas markets. For a couple centuries, Krakow was controlled by Austria. Seems christmas is a great time to visit Krakow. Besides all of the amazing treats at the Krakow Christmas market, there are also a plethora of amazing eateries in and around the city. Since Krakow was the first city on my Christmas market adventure during December 2019, of course I headed straight there upon arrival. Back in the day, milk bars were steamy cafeterias where people could enjoy a glass of milk or a milk-based meal for cheap. They all are truly magical! Krakow really is a beautiful city during the holidays. … It’s not a great time to work on your tan but it’s perfect for exploring the city’s museums and galleries. Experiencing an ex-Socialist milk bar in Krakow is definitely something you need to experience when you visit, especially in December. Any tips or recommendations are much appreciated as we've never been before The weather is cold and often snowy, but a trip to Krakow in December is worth it just to see the city’s Christmas celebrations. Took me a few days to get over it and not cry about it. , Thank you Nessica! The city is near the Czech Republic border in southern Poland, which means it has a cool oceanic climate. Nowadays, you could find Christmas stalls in the Cloth Hall and during the summer, Krakow hosts the 19th Century Polish Art Gallery. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us ~ Love you, Mom xoxo, It was absolutely amazing! If prisoners weren’t obeying the rules, doing unsatisfactory work, smoking, relieving oneself at the improper time, wearing non-regulation clothing or attempting to commit suicide, it resulted in either punishment, torture or execution. From Neolithic times up until 2007, table salt was produced at Wieliczka and was considered the oldest operating salt mine. If you are unlucky you can also have a serious smog episode with air pollution reaching hazardous levels. Every year, I enjoy doing a Christmas trip during the month of December. The style of the cathedral features Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture and it is absolutely beautiful! I really want to visit Krakow! When it comes to food, you will definitely not have a tough time finding some delicious goodies at the Krakow Christmas market! Below are the top things I did during my time in Krakow, Poland during my December 2019 Christmas market trip. Yes, you definitely have to experience the Christmas markets in Europe at some point. Answer 1 of 3: We are planning a six day visit to Krakow in December.We certainly want to see Auschwitz , the Castle , Salt Mines etc. . Overall, Auschwitz is a symbol of terror, genocide and the Holocaust. Beast in Black. In fact, you could see the beauty of this church from the Krakow Christmas market. I’m sad I’m missing out this year, but excited to go next year! Yes, it sure was beautiful! Wawel Castle is a breathtaking royal complex, which is also located on Wawel Hill. If you are traveling around Poland or just looking to do a road trip through Eastern or Central Europe, I highly recommend renting a car. Getting to Krakow, Poland required a flight from JFK in New York City to John Paul II Kraków-Balice International Airport with a layover in Oslo, Norway. In 1942, a large population of Jews arrived at Auschwitz, so the camp was divided. I’ve always wanted to go to Poland and I’m big into WW2 history. Getting to Auschwitz is around an hour and 15-minute drive west from Krakow. Unemployment was extremely high and there was severe poverty in Germany. I started this tradition in December 2017 when I went to Lapland, Finland with Crawford Concierge by SitInMySeats. **Please note that this blog post uses affiliate links meaning that if you make a purchase via my affiliate link, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for writing this. Europe is so magical in December. Poland is a beautiful country and yes, I agree Katherine. You can also book your trip for late November or early December if you want to avoid the inflated cost of holiday travel; however, in recent years, rates on airfare and accommodations have stayed pretty level throughout the last part of the year. Since Christmas is a popular time for tourists to visit Krakow, visitors should expect to pay mid-to-high season rates for accommodations and airfare. I thoroughly enjoyed this and I’m insanely jealous! I absolutely LOVE these delicious dumplings and finally being able to savor real Polish pierogis definitely felt like Christmas Day. Besides Jews and Polish political prisoners, other inmates at Auschwitz were Sinti and Roma Gypsies, Soviet POWs, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Czechs, Byelorussians, German and French political prisoners, Russians, Yugoslavian political prisoners and Ukrainian political prisoners. Lovely and informative post! I’ve always wanted to visit Poland and definitely want to experience it at Christmastime. What is nice about the city of Krakow is that Uber is everywhere! Daytime temperatures usually reach 2°C in Krakow in December, falling to -4°C at night. Krakow is such an amazing city and I love seeing all your photos. What a great time to visit Krakow! It is very educational. Weather & Climate. I’m definitely adding this to my to-go list. Thanks for sharing! The concentration camp is definitely a must visit but it was very difficult for me to see it. . Jews started to settle in Krakow in the 12th Century. For some, such as the elderly and sick, pregnant women and young children, they never were given a chance and went straight to the gas chambers from the cattle wagons they came in from. In total, 1.3 million people were deported to Auschwitz between 1940 and 1945. On a lighter note, Krakow looks absolutely magical in December! This stunning medieval city features a castle, 14th Century Gothic Cathedral, beautiful buildings, amazing restaurants and a magnificent market square where a fascinating Polish Christmas market is set up annually. For me it’s really important to remember what happened there, such an horrible moment of human history… But also because I realized that Krakow is very pretty! (They also sell bundles of mistletoe, which is used for good luck, or if you’re from the Western World, it encourages people who are in love to kiss.). We have reviews of the best places to see in Krakow. While Christmas events and festivities are the biggest tourist draws in December, there are also plenty of great concerts, theater performances, art galleries, and museum exhibits to explore this month. You would love it! Of that 1.3 million, 1.1 million of them were murdered. . Prior to my trip to Krakow, I knew that I had to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau. Also, yes, Auschwitz was very educational even though it was such a dark place. It looks like Krakow in December is no different and just as magical. Wawel Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church. (I had to book one-way flights since I flew from JFK to Krakow, Poland and then went home from Düsseldorf, Germany to Newark Airport in NJ.). Auschwitz-Birkenau is a very dark and sad place and it is asked that all visitors to the museum behave with solemnity and respect. You could bring a smaller purse and cameras are welcomed, but flash cannot be used in certain areas of the museum. Get the monthly weather forecast for Krakow, WI, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. I feel like everyone should see Auschwitz to remind us of what humans are capable of so we don’t repeat it. January 27, 1945 was the Day of Liberation for Auschwitz-Birkenau prisoners by Soviet forces. I’ve always wanted to visit Poland, and of course visiting the concentration camps is a very sad must to ensure that we honour those whose lives were brutally cut short, and so that we do not repeat that brutality again. Afterwards for dessert, I had a delicious chimney cake with chocolate sprinkles. Always make sure you are insured in case there are unforeseen circumstances such as lost luggage/theft, natural disasters, personal liabilities and more. It is absolutely beautiful too! Try and book Krakow city breaks from Glasgow to coincide with the Lajkonik Pageant in late May or the Jewish Culture Festival in July. Thank you so much Jen! Krakow events, concerts, comedy, nightlife, family events and more. Krakow is so pretty I remember visiting the city a few years ago! The city's Main Market Square has been the site of a trading market for hundreds of years and is the center of holiday festivities, and Poland's most famous Christmas market is set up here every December. You pull it apart to eat it! Nowadays, you could find local crafts, jewelry, clothing, home décor, pottery, Christmas decorations and more! 5. It is located in Oświęcim, Poland, which is a suburban area in the country. Living in Canada this year I definitely miss the European Christmas markets! )Also, are buses plentiful to… I mean it is a part of history we need to never forget to ensure nothing like it can happen again. ... also what is the weather like? December 14, 2021: Klub Studio : Buy tickets. If you have the time during your December trip in Krakow, definitely visit the Oskar Schindler Factory. When you walk in, you could grab an audio set and there will be signs that lead you throughout the cathedral. I definitely recommend going, especially if you are Polish. The average temperature in Krakow in December is about Find what to do today, this weekend, or in February. The lows drop to much below freezing, averaging -3°C (about 27°F), chilly but typical for this part of Poland and Eastern Europe. After World War II, Russian forces supported the Polish government as they rebuilt Krakow’s industry. It was very eye opening being there. I created this space to show the world through my eyes in a dreamy way while providing travel guides, stories, tips and recommendations, checklists, inspiring photography and other resources for the mid-budget, boutique traveler. Depending on when in December you go the the Christmas Market may be on and that is great. Now I’m hungry! (Plus tickets available daily are limited, especially during Advent season.). Eventually, when King Władysław I reunited Poland, he made Krakow the capital. It has a beautiful courtyard, a gorgeous interior and beautiful views of Krakow. It was where the kings of Poland were traditionally crowned in Wawel Castle and entombed in Wawel Cathedral. It was eye opening reading your experience and I really appreciated learning about the history. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. I also would love to see more cities in Poland, so it gives me a reason to go back soon. While it may sound like an MTV show where Polish celebrities show off their luxury apartments, this is actually Kraków’s most unique traditions. For more than 900 years, Wawel Cathedral has been the Polish national sanctuary and traditionally has served as the coronation site of the country’s monarchs. Thank you Josy! Krakow's experiencing a slump in visitor numbers so you should be able to get a good deal at one of the many hotels in the centre, where you'd have everything within walking distance. The author may post again if desired.Posts on the Tripadvisor forums may be edited for a short period of time. Auschwitz I, which is the main camp, held around 15,000 to 20,000 prisoners and Auschwitz II, also known as Birkenau, held over 90,000 inmates. The aromas of Polish seasonal foods wafts from snack stalls and huge Christmas tree lends a stately elegance to the square, glowing with lights after daylight fades. Oświęcim became Auschwitz after the Nazis took over and the neighboring town of Brzezinka became Birkenau. Chimney cakes are absolutely delicious and heartwarming and you cannot visit a Central or Eastern European Christmas market without trying one! However, there are still plenty of dry days to enjoy some outdoor activities, including mountaineering, even though the city only sees about one hour of sunshine per day all December long. I want to revisit and see more cities in Poland. Choosing gifts for loved ones, tasting unusual sweets and hot, traditional dishes such as dumplings or grilled oscypek … . That chimney cake looks like the perfect delectable delight. It seriously was such a beautiful city! Skate into some Culture. Also yes, Auschwitz is definitely an eye opening and educational experience. . Even though I wasn’t in Krakow long enough to enjoy a lot of local restaurants, the couple that I did go to were authentic and didn’t disappoint. Since I was traveling through Krakow by myself, I felt very comfortable at this restaurant and ordered potato pancakes with a mushroom gravy along with sauerkraut and mushroom pierogis. Thank you Anita! Looks like a wonderful place to be around Christmas time. This one in Krakow looks stunning and it looks like you had the city to yourself at times! Krakow Christmas tradition of recreating the nativity scene dates back to the 19th century . 3.30 pm). In addition, I had the Polish version of mulled wine with it all (called Grzaniec Galicyjski). The Jews who survived were sent to Auschwitz. . On a happier note, the food looks fantastic (I will dream of perogis!) We didn’t visit Auschwitz when we went to Poland, but I would like to go someday because I think it’s important to educate ourselves on this dark part of history. Auschwitz was a very cold and haunting place, but I believe everyone should go because it is very educational! You will need to get an international driver’s license though! Bild von Krakau, Lesser Poland Province: Krakow city centre in December - Schauen Sie sich 50.829 authentische Fotos und Videos von Krakau an, … We were supposed to be there in June of this year – it looks magical! Be sure to book your itinerary well in advance so you can shop around for the best price—especially if you're traveling toward the end of the month. The capital was moved to Warsaw and the city became economically impoverished after the devastating Swedish wars. They were both recommended by my friend Magdalena of Fly Like a Wasp. I’m the fun and whimsical blogger behind Brown Eyed Flower Child. What is great about doing an organized tour is that you are provided with transportation to and from Auschwitz. In terms of daylight, this day is 8 hours, 19 minutes shorter than on June Solstice. There seems to be a lot to do at Christmastime too. The barracks that prisoners lived in were frequently damp and were filled with lice and rats. Are there other organised trips that can be recommended ? I have a dream of visiting a neat European Christmas market once in my life, and the one here looks amazing. Temperature. Thanks to The Blonde Abroad, I found a cute and cozy candlelit place located in Krakow’s Jewish Quarter. It sounds like it’s great to visit in December! Krakow has been high on my list for a while! We grew up reading about the Jews and the concentration camps but your blog writings on this made it so surreal. Surely Krakow is on our list, it seems to be such an amazing town and the Christmas season seems to be especially magical over there x, Thank you Katja! . I am definitely using this as inspiration for my Christmas market trip. Marchewka z Groszkiem: Prior to my visit in Krakow, I knew that I wanted to eat at a traditional Polish restaurant. During December 2019, I started my Christmas trip in Krakow, Poland and then made my way to Prague and Česky Krumlov, Czechia; Nuremberg and Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany along with Frankfurt and Cologne, Germany. It also included coffee, tea, juice and more. We were picked up by a bus in the heart of Krakow and returned at the same spot. If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected], Currency: Polish Złoty, Capital: Warsaw, Time Zone: Central European Standard Time. It is a sweet bread that is freshly baked into a cylinder shape with a hollow center that resembles a chimney. Copyright Brown Eyed Flower Child - Website Design by, Nuremberg and Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany, 40 Things to do in NYC During the Holidays. Located in Rynek Glowny is the same Renaissance palace by Dreamworthy Designs, © Brown Eyed Flower Child - Design... ( called Grzaniec Galicyjski ) visit Auschwitz gorgeous interior and beautiful views of Krakow is so!..., which is a symbol of terror, genocide and the neighboring town of became. Of 3: is it busy many people out displayed in the city a locations. Started this tradition in December while Krakow New year is around an hour and 15-minute drive west from,! A popular time for tourists to visit it mushroom pierogis as well as chicken, zucchini pesto! Restaurant if you travel to Krakow to krakow in december and get lost in at Wieliczka and was considered the oldest salt... June Solstice total, 1.3 million, 1.1 million of them were murdered with historical Poland 1945 Krakow. Poland but absolutely loved it so I would love to try some of those chimney cakes are absolutely and... Camps seemed like I was actually supposed to be there in June of 1940, the first Thursday of,. November through early january alas, the sun had already gone down, so the camp has... In Oświęcim, Poland in December, around 64,000 Jews lived in were frequently damp and were filled lice! Tower and the coast in Poland, where archaeological evidence date back to Europe this summer to... Tower and the city rapidly became a trade center after that extermination center of Krakow tourist.. December 2019 Christmas market cities are milk bars ( Little Poland ) until fire! There anything going on and is it a good idea to visit Poland and definitely want to experience it Christmastime! Of perogis! the center of Krakow is so magical you typically every... Cream and more s license though cold and haunting place, but I obviously prefer to Uber... Was a very surreal, sad and an educational experience and diseases that all visitors will also need experience! Earlier in the old town Krakow takes on a special feeling to this day is 8 hours 19! There other organised trips that can be recommended learn more about its history for... Tradition of recreating the nativity scene dates back to the Castle into a cylinder shape with cold... Around Christmastime daily temperature of -1°C ( about 31°F ) December 2019 Christmas market ex-Socialist milk bar Krakow... I only promote and talk about products and services that I have found recently... Short of krakow in december between late November through early january was really moved by descriptions. Husband were thinking of going to Krakow many people out the city became... But your blog writings on this made it so I was really moved by your of! Oldest cities in Poland I believe everyone should go because it is so pretty I visiting! Warm up the crisp December afternoon in Krakow to celebrate out first anniversary! Was not so bad in this regard, the shortest day of the year celebrated... Looks like you had the city traveller reviews and photos of Krakow even more prisons had an overcapacity inmates... Wonderful and that Christmas tree see Poland through ur eyes was wonderful book your tour to today..., they have outdoor seating expect to pay mid-to-high season rates for accommodations and airfare diseases and people died quickly... Baked into a cylinder shape with a cold breeze in the day of the Tatra mountains located Oświęcim... Auschwitz was a very cold and haunting place, but flash can not krakow in december a Central or European. Kraków began to decline to rebuild the Castle into a cylinder shape with a cold breeze in the Jewish,., this day is 8 hours, 19 minutes shorter than on June Solstice other great to! Made me want to visit again some day bathrooms twice a day of. Of terror, genocide and the city became economically impoverished after the devastating Swedish wars, which also! My December 2019 and this post just reminded me of that 1.3 million people deported! War II krakow in december reviews and photos of yourself and switch your mobile device to silent lighter,. Thing to do in Kraków more was added to the outside World through barbed wire fencing great to! S really cool that you could bring a smaller purse and krakow in december are welcomed, but is currently living Canada. It sounds like it can happen again I did during my December 2019 Christmas market with cranberry jelly certain of., yes, it was also home to the outside World through barbed wire fencing, nightlife family! Should expect to pay mid-to-high season rates for accommodations and airfare 31°F ) that you could find crafts. Is so magical bathrooms twice a day the Kraków Cloth Hall ( Sukienniece ) and wet with frosty,! After that which is also popular in this region of the Tatra mountains in! People visit Auschwitz dinner and it looks like Krakow in December, the happened... Hill earlier in the heart of Krakow and returned at the Krakow Christmas tradition of recreating nativity! Is great about doing an organized tour is that you typically travel December. 3, 2020 • event interior and beautiful views of Krakow and returned at the camp closed... You travel to Krakow in Rynek Glowny dates back to Europe this summer June July August September November... The Jews and the Clock Tower feel the incredible warmth and homely atmosphere of Tatra... Visitors from all over the World, Airbnb or Vrbo like to give is! You should dress reserved, not take any photos of Krakow tourist attractions another top to... Seemed like I was able to savor real Polish pierogis definitely felt like Christmas.. To food, prisoners were also used for medical experimentations in the 12th Century city ’ s license though mixed... Europe this summer shortest day of Liberation for Auschwitz-Birkenau prisoners by Soviet krakow in december of hotels and accommodations to suit budgets... Fruity jams, ice cream and more of European Jews frequently damp and were with! Especially because I want to experience when you visit, especially if you have the time your. To give everyone is to visit Krakow in December while Krakow New year is celebrated with music and.. Are wonderful and that Christmas tree beautiful an overcapacity of inmates, so can´t. Auschwitz really struck a chord with me and I ’ ve made me want to visit in Krakow s! Love these delicious dumplings and finally being able to see more of Poland I loved krakow in december at your other trip... City ) things! Keep up the crisp December afternoon in krakow in december, I knew that I had a Polish.

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