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Shenzhen OCT East Fam Tour

Shenzhen OCT East Fam Tour

Date: March 12, 2013

Destination: Shenzhen, China

Organizer: Overseas Chinese Town East (OCT East)

March 12, 2013 our inbound manager and operation manager joined a fam tour to Overseas Chinese Town East (OCT East), one of the famous theme parks in Shenzhen, China. OCT East is located in Dameisha, Shenzhen. Covering an area of 9 square kilometers (3.5 square miles), OCT East mainly consists of two theme parks, the Knight Valley and the Tea Stream Valley. The park has been in business for more than 6 years and this year a new road leads to the mountain will be available soon. So our big tour coach can drive directly to the gate of Tea Stream Valley with easier access to the spot and hotels inside the park. In the past days, we can only drop tourist at the foot of the mountain. For example, if client want to enjoy the Interlaken Hotspring only without sightseeing, we need to rent another smaller coach with 22 seaters to transfer to the point after getting off coach at the main gate.

OCT East1

The first stop of this tour was to sit down and watch it's introduction video in a theatre.

Up the mountain into the Knight Valley, all the tour operators enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch at restaurant inside the park. It's a Chinese buffet featuring all sorts of things and among which chicken feet is highly recommended. Yes, literally, the foot of a chicken. It's a popular dish which many Chinese view as a delicacy. After a little coaching with the many different dishes, it turned out to be an extremely enjoyable feast!

OCT East2

After a big lunch, a stroll around then it's time to go up the mountain in the trolley car which turns out to be a fun ride with a view.

OCT East3

At the top of the mountain is long walk bridge providing a view of the valley below and joining the peaks of the mountain which also leads to two big rotary arms which have seats at either end. If you brave enough you can strap into this seat and the arm does 360 spins! Just past the ride is a glassed floor viewing platform which extends out from the mountain.

OCT East4

Further along is disc thing with 360 degree seating which lists up another 100 meters into the clouds!

OCT East5

Then take the cable car to go down the mountain to get the connecting train to the Tea Stream Valley.

OCT East6

Just in time to see a decorated float parade, which brings so much fun.

OCT East7

Go straight to visit the luxury & deluxe resort hotels inside the valley.

OCT East8

Enjoy the fantastic Tea Show in the central theatre from 16:00-17:00PM.

OCT East9 OCT East10 OCT East11

Some 20km east of Shenzhen City, a whopping Y3.5 billion went into making OCT East, an upmarket and incredibly beautiful theme-park-cum-resort that will certainly awe you. It feels like a supersized Universal Studios plus Chinese Disneyland, with a mock Swiss village, a golf complex, a tea valley and luxurious hotels to keep you entertained and pampered. The park offers some stunning views that make it worth a couple of days to explore, and you can rent a car from inside the park to tour around.

Looking forward to seeing you in OCT East.

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